29 Aug 2022

The edge of innovation

Entrepreneur and scientist Saumik Biswas, PhD’20, is taking medical innovation to the next level with medical technology start-up Tenomix

By Jennifer Parraga, BA’93

Saumik Biswas, PhD’20, says that the past two years have flown by faster than he would have ever imagined.

Not only did he graduate with his PhD in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, but he also completed his fellowship with Western University’s Medical Innovation Fellowship Program and together with his partners, launched and incorporated Tenomix – a medical technology startup.

The pace hasn’t slowed during the past few months, as the team has raised significant, non-dilutive funding and developed an alpha prototype that targets a long-standing and laborious process in pathology.

Code-named the Lymphonator, the technology is a benchtop robotic scanning device that uses artificial intelligence to guide pathology teams in efficient and reliable lymph node collection in surgically removed colon cancer tissues.

The goal is to accurately identify the spread of cancer, and the device would automate the current manual method used by pathology staff.

The Tenomix group has completed dozens of experiments testing their alpha prototype using animal and human tissues. To date they, have collected valuable feedback on their prototype from several interested pathology end-users across North America.

In addition to Biswas, the Tenomix founding team includes Dr. Eveline Pasman, MD/PhD, who serves as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business Officer Sherif Abdou, PhD, PEng, and Michael Lavdas, MESc, the company’s Director and Technical Advisor. All are graduates of the Medical Innovation Fellowship Program.

Biswas says that it is thanks to this highly functioning team that they have achieved so much in such a short time.

“We all have different ways of thinking – and we are well supported and guided by a strong team of software developers, expert academic collaborators and experienced mentors,” said Biswas.

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