AbdulWahab Kabani

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  • akabani5@uwo.ca
  • 519-661-2111 x84733
  • MOG 105

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PhD, Computer Science, Western University
BSc, Computer Science, American University of Sharjah


AbdulWahab Kabani completed his PhD in computer science at Western University. His research interests revolve around the use of deep learning to solve computer vision tasks such as image classification and segmentation. In August 2016, Kaggle ranked him as one of the top 28 data scientists out of 48,631 data scientists. Recently, he won the Halyard Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation competition. In this competition, he was ranked in the first place out of 923 teams, and received a $50,000 cash prize. His solution in this competition will help in reducing the dependence on narcotics after surgery. As a medical innovation fellow, he is interested in identifying the main challenges facing the medical community. His areas of interest include use of deep learning to train computers to diagnose diseases by analyzing medical images such as Ultrasound, MRI, and more.

After completing the MIF program, Abdul went on to become the Chief Technology Officer at a health technology startup in Toronto, ON.


Kabani, AbdulWahab, “Improving Deep Learning Image Recognition Performance Using Region of Interest Localization Networks” (2017). Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. 4485. https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/etd/4485