Esther Lau

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MD, University of Toronto
Master’s Degree, Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto
Bachelor’s Degree, Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto


Esther Lau was born in Hong Kong but grew up living in Toronto. She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Toronto in biomedical engineering before moving onto medical school, also at the University of Toronto.

Outside of work, she enjoys trying new restaurants and learning the ukulele.

While a Medical Innovation Fellow at Western, Lau would team up with her peer medical innovation fellows to enter the Proteus Innovation Competition where their commercialization plan for Dr. Kara Patterson’s mirror box for lower-extremity therapy device took home one of the top three spots and a $7500 prize. She went on to be a general surgery resident physician at Western University and McMaster University. She is now a Fellow of Thoracic Surgical Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.


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