fatma hassan

Fatma Hassan

  • Medical Innovation Fellow

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  • fhassa25@uwo.ca
  • WIRB, 7th Floor

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BSc, Veterinary Medical Science, Cairo University, Egypt MSc, Physiology, Veterinary Medical School, Cairo University, Egypt PhD, Physiology, Veterinary Medical School, Cairo University, Egypt


Working as professor at the Veterinary Medical school in Egypt has satisfied Fatma’s passion for teaching and delivering information in a simplified way. During her master’s degree, she designed an innovative device to facilitate the sampling and delivery of medicine directly to the stomach of ruminant animals. She worked on a novel peptide named Ghrelin peptide and its impacts on the appetite, growth, and endocrine status of birds for her PhD thesis. She decided to continue her postdoctoral studies on Ghrelin peptide and its effect on pregnancy, and reproductive hormones in female rats as an animal model. With an aim to help cancer patients, she collaborated with a research team during her postdoctoral fellowship and afterward during her visiting professorship at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western working on cutaneous squamous carcinoma cells, and other skin-related disorders. Her passion for scientific innovation fuels her work to continuously be a part of making an impact in the scientific field and healthcare system.