Kirill Fedorov

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  • WIRB, 7th Floor

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PhD, Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto
BSc, Chemistry and Biology, University of Toronto


Kirill’s doctoral thesis consisted of designing instruments for blood analysis and modifying surfaces for the reduction of fouling on medical equipment. He successfully tested a new robust antifouling coating in vivo. The thesis consisted of developing material surface coatings for plastics, metals, and ceramics used as different components of medical instruments. From the beginning of his doctoral thesis work, Kirill was passionate about leading a team and managed different assistants from; high school, undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students (UPMC). After completing his PhD, Kirill worked in several fields including food, supplements, and agriculture. He designed different products; protein powders, vegetable gathering equipment, protective gear, and food processors. He is passionate about a more sustainable approach to the medical industry, designing equipment with the intent of reducing waste for the processes of manufacturing to the disposal.