Saumik Biswas

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PhD, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Western University
BSc (Honours), Medical Sciences, Brock University


Saumik pursued his doctoral studies in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Western University. Saumik’s research primarily focused on elucidating the interplay between epigenetic mechanisms and disease pathogenesis in diabetic complications. During the course of his PhD, Saumik has published over 12 manuscripts (including 2 book chapters), and has acquired over $60,000 in scholarships and awards (i.e. Nellie Farthing Fellowship in Medical Sciences). Saumik was also awarded the ‘Mitacs Globalink Research Award’ in 2019, where he was able to partake in a research internship at the University of Hong Kong and work alongside a renowned diabetes scientist/ biotechnology entrepreneur on a novel research project for several months. Saumik plans to be actively involved in translational research, where he too can improve the quality of lives of others through medical innovation.

After the MIF program, Saumik went on to co-found Tenomix Inc. and is the company’s CEO.


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