Solmaz Karamdoust

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PhD, Polymer Chemistry, Western University


Solma Karamdoust, PhD’14, completed her doctorate through Western University and was supervised by Professor Elizabeth Gillies, Department of Chemistry. She has broad research experience in translational science, design, synthesis and functionalization of polymers for diverse biomedical applications.

Karamdoust has also volunteered with Let’s Talk Science as a science demonstrator and a judge at the Regional Science and Inventor’s Fair in Seaforth Ontario.

While a Medical Innovation Fellow at Western, Karamdoust would team up with her peer medical innovation fellows to enter the Proteus Innovation Competition where their commercialization plan for Dr. Kara Patterson’s mirror box for lower-extremity therapy device took home one of the top three spots and a $7500 prize. After completing the MIF program, Karamdoust would go on to become a Research and Development Specialist with PolyAnalytik Inc., a London based company that offers contract R&D, polymer testing, method development, and validation services for any application containing synthetic polymers, biopolymers, and natural polymers in any industry. She also serves as a scientific advisor to Zealous Scientifics Inc., an oncology drug discovery company.


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