Tom Ladd

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Mr. Tom Ladd is managing Director of Cognixion Canada. He has been engaged in software development and sales since the mid 1990s. Before joining Cognixion Tom was founder of Paladdin Health group a Canadian health care service provider offering Canadians in need of private health care solutions, access to Diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT and PET scans.

Tom brings wealth of expertise in the provision of medication management services for the elderly in Ontario as well as private patient advocacy groups. Tom is originally from Montreal (McGill BSc’79) and enjoys returning there as often as possible, he is the proud father of two girls, who are University students, one in Grenoble, France in International Business studies (a Dalhousie exchange) and the other in Digital Media at Concordia.

He lives in Georgetown Ontario with a husky/hound mutt, and is renowned as an enthusiastic karaoke vocalist.