Applying to the Program

The Western Medical Innovation Fellowship (MIF) program was established in 2015. This first-of-its kind program in Canada immerses highly talented young scientists, engineers, and clinicians in a training and research heavy environment with the goal of developing future leaders and innovators of world-class medical technologies. The MIF program provides opportunities for trainees to develop leadership through interdisciplinary experience and runs in partnership with Western’s BrainsCAN, WORLDiscoveries (WD) and The University of Minnesota’s Medical Devices Center’s Innovation Fellows program. The latter is a full immersion educational and product development program for medical device creation.

Fellows build an extensive network of contacts within the world-leading med tech ecosystem of Minnesota’s Medical Device Center and London Ontario as well as gain experience assessing opportunities, inventing therapies, and strategizing for the clinical, regulatory, reimbursement and financing activities necessary to develop a commercially viable product. After their 10.5 months in the Program, Fellows thrive in a variety of pursuits, including starting their own companies, leadership positions with early-stage to large, multi-national medical device manufacturers, joining design & development service providers, research/teaching positions in academic institutions, and clinical practice.


  • Work closely with clinicians at London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London
  • Identify unmet clinical needs, invent and test prototype solutions
  • Generate high quality intellectual property with a goal of commercialization


  • Highly motivated team player
  • Evidence of creativity and innovation
  • MD, PhD or relevant industry experience


  • Monthly salary
  • Use of first class engineering and Medical facilities
  • Access to Medical Device Center in Minnesota for 5 weeks of boot camp on innovation and design thinking
  • Access to top MDs, PhDs and industry leader in London and surrounding innovation ecosystem

How to apply

Complete and submit the online application with supporting documents (cover letter, CV, essay and references on the Western University Working at Western website. The Job posting ID is 16413 – 4 positions have been filled; we are now seeking 2 further fellows with particular qualifications/skills/experience in biomedical, electrical, or mechanical engineering disciplines. Applications are being accepted until all positions are filled.)

2019-2020 Team application instructions

  1. Cover Letter
    • Address your letter to the Innovation Fellows Program Director.
    • Include the contact information of two people who will submit letters of recommendation for you.
    • Upload your cover letter using the link entitled “Cover Letter”, in the attachments section of the application.
  1. Curriculum Vitae
    • In addition to education and work history, please include any unique experiences or accomplishments.
    • Upload your CV using the link entitled “Resume/CV”, in the attachments section of the application.
  2. Written Essay (Maximum of 750 words)
    • Begin by briefly describing your background, what motivates and drives you. Also, describe something you have built or created. What was the outcome of that effort? What did you take from that experience? Finally, discuss a situation when you were working on a team where and you faced significant challenges.
    • What was your role in the team? What were the specific actions taken to meet the challenge as an individual and as a team? What was the final outcome?
    • Title your document as MIF2019_Essay_LastName (e.g. MIF2019_Essay_Johnson)
    • Additional documents can be attached after submitting the application by accessing the “My Activities” page and uploading documents or they can be emailed to
  3. References
    • Please include a minimum of three references.
    • Make sure to include each person’s phone number, email address, and your relationship (references can also write you a letter of recommendation).
    • Upload your list of references using the link within the online application “References” section.
    • Please note: These references are in addition to the recommendations.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please submit all documents in PDF format.


The video submission is optional, but very highly recommended. In the video, tell us about who you are and why you are interested in being part of the next Fellows Class. You can include detailed examples from your written essay or go into something completely different. Use this opportunity to show and tell how you can help make the next class a success and what you would like that look like for you.

  1. Please keep the video to no more than 2 minutes in length.
  2. Go to and log in or create an account.
  3. Use the upload feature to upload your video to YouTube.
  4. Title your video: MIF2019_LastName.
  5. Privacy: Select Unlisted. The video will not appear in any of You Tube’s public spaces, but anyone with the link can view your video.
  6. After you set the privacy setting, copy the link to your video and it to

Letters of recommendation

  1. Contact two people to submit a written letter of recommendation for you (This person can also be one of your references).
  2. Letters should describe your ability to be creative and innovative, in addition to academics, research, and professional background.
  3. Each person writing a letter of recommendation will need to email the letter to MIF email address.
    • The subject line should be MIF2019 _Recommendation_YourLastName (e.g. MIF2019_Recommendation_Johnson).We will NOT accept letters emailed by the applicants.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure the letters of recommendation are submitted correctly.

Important deadlines

  • Applications now open
  • Applications accepted until positions are filled
  • Interviews with take place in late May, 2019
  • Please direct questions regarding this application process to