Jai Chatterjee

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Jai Chatterjee is a registered patent agent with more than a decade of experience in patent preparation, prosecution and analysis of a diverse array of technologies including imaging system firmware and software, vaccines, internet marketplaces, biological therapeutics, medical devices, transgenic animals, and e-commerce platforms.  He has had the pleasure of working with many different clients including large publicly subsidized institutions such as universities and hospitals as well as corporations of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. This varied client-service experience has allowed for a thorough understanding of patent protection strategies for innovations ranging from incremental improvements to pioneering inventions. He enjoys discussing inventive concepts with innovators and helping them understand and navigate the patenting process. Diligent effort and sound strategy are needed to foster development of an inventive concept to prototype and ultimately a commercially successful technology, and Jai is always keen to do his part to help inventors gain a competitive advantage in a patent landscape.