Maryam Majedi

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PhD(c), Computer Science, University of Calgary
MSc, Computer Science, University of New Brunswick
BSc, Computer Software Engineering, Azad Tehran University


As a Data Privacy Researcher, Maryam’s educational qualifications include the pursuit of a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science focused on Data Privacy from the University of Calgary, a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick in High Performance Scientific Computing, and a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Azad Tehran University, combined with multiple research and teaching certifications. In her doctoral work as a PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary, Maryam has driven new scholarship and practice in the area of Data Privacy, including introducing a new technique to model privacy policies and improving the ability to capture privacy-preserved access control policies. In her master program she introduced a new and fast parallel algorithm for solving large system of equations. She has also actively contributed to the University of Calgary and Department of Computer Science communities, recognized with multiple teaching and research awards, scholarships, and positions on hiring committees as well as contributing to the scholarly discussion through frequent publication and conference presentations. Maryam also is a long-time member of the Tikkun Olam Makers where she worked on four projects and made tools for individuals with special needs.